The Deepest Blue Eyes Ive Ever Seen

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Deepest Blue Eyes Ive Ever Seen

The day was long and warm. My meeting in the City had been long, but eventful and I was sure that when I got back to the office my boss would be pleased with the way my presentation turned out, and the offer that the executives had made to buy our ideas. I was driving along humming to the music on the radio and the tires rolling on the smooth asphalt of the interstate. Everything seemed to be going good, until all the sudden, black smoke started boiling from the hood of my car and the idiot light on my dash started flashing. I looked in my rear view mirror and signaled to pull over to the side of the road and call for a tow truck. 

I picked up my cell phone and pushed the panic button on my cell phone, only to hear "Sorry, this customer is out of range of service!" I looked ahead of me on the road and saw a callbox, so I opened the door and looked to make sure that it was clear to walk down to the phone to call. Not having changed from my business suit, I was still dressed in hose and heels, so I opened the trunk of my car and retrieved my tennis shoes from my /gym/">gym bag from where I had been to the gym last night for my work-out. I slipped my /feet/">feet into the tennis shoes and grabbed my change purse from my purse and proceeded to walk down to the call box. Cars honked at me as I walked, but I just pulled my jacket a little tighter against my chest and walked the 25 feet to the phone in the same direction of traffic. Once I got to the phone, I picked up the receiver and it automatically connected to a male voice that flowed across my eardrum like syrup. He assured me that a tow truck would be white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie by in about 15 minutes and gave me the name of the company and who to look for. He told me to go back to my car, lock the doors and not open to anyone until the tow truck arrived. I thanked him and returned to my car. 

As promised, a tow truck pulled up in behind me, and a man about 6 feet came walking up to my drivers side window. I rolled it down and asked to see some identification, which he promptly showed me and asked me what seemed to be the problem. "I really dont know!" I said as I knew little about the newer models of vehicles. "It started smoking, and this idiot light came on in the dash, so I immediately pulled over here!" 

"Well lets have a look and see if its anything that can be done quickly, if not well get you towed to a repair shop and get you settled into a motel or at least find you someplace to stay until the garage can get your car running again." he smiled. 

"Im gonna need a phone to call my company and let them know what happened, and I need to inform my parents that I wont be home tonight, as they were expecting me to stop by on my way through town." I told him. "No problem, you can use my cell phone, while Im getting your car to the garage." He again smiled and looking into his deep blue eyes sent an electric shock through my clit and straight into the recesses of my pussy. It made my juices start boiling just being near him; he smelled of grease and oil, combined with a fresh sent of aftershave. As I said he was about 6 feet tall, dark black hair and a body that came straight off the pages of any Harliquin Readers cover. 

The small waist, tight thigh muscles, broad shoulders rippling through his short sleeved workshirt. Enough to make any hot blooded womans blood reach the boiling point and start the drool collecting at the corners of your mouth. He helped me to the front seat of the tow truck and hooked my car to the wench and made sure that everything was secure before crawling in the cab of the vehicle behind the wheel. He picked up the microphone on his radio and called into the dispatcher that he was on his way to drop the car off at the mechanics shop and then to deliver me to the closest hotel, until I heard about my car. We made small talk on the way down the freeway, and I learned that his name was David and he was a local boy, born and raised in the area. He was a joint partner with his father in the tow truck company. He didnt go out much as he was on call all the time; and when not on call, he spent time rebuilding a classic early 60s muscle car. He said the car was his fathers high school vehicle, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv but it had been in an accident, and he had hours left of time to get it road worthy again. It had always been his dream to get it back to mint condition, but until recently, pay had never been enough to start collecting the needed parts. 

David dropped me off at the entrance of Motel 6 and gave me the number of the mechanic where he would be towing my car. He asked me if there was anything in the car that I would be needing for tonight or tomorrow, and I said "Yes, I need the small bag that is in the trunk, and my shoes"; as I still had my tennis shoes on from walking to the call box. He grinned as he got out, retrieved the bag, and came around to the passenger side door and helped me out of the truck. I thanked him for helping me, and getting me this far, took the business card with all the necessary numbers, and walked towards the front door of the motel. I turned and waved, smiling as I pulled the front door open and hoped that this wouldnt be the last time that I saw David. 

Once I was in the room of the motel, I called David from the number on the business card. "David, this is Lori, the green Toyota you towed. "Oh yes, I left it at the mechanics shop. He should be calling in about an hour letting you know what is wrong," he said. "Good!" I said. "but the reason I was calling is I wanted to thank you for helping me by buying you dinner! Nothing fancy or anything, just maybe a quick bite or something!" I didnt want to sound anxious, but I really wanted to see him again. I could have swam in his eyes, if nothing else I longed to feel his hard body pressed against mine in an ernest exchange of body fluids. 

I had the genuine "hots" for this man, and didnt know how to convey my feelings. I asked David if there was a rental car company close, but he told me that since I was buying dinner he would provide the ride, and he would pick me up and wed go to a quiet little eatery on the outskirts of town. "See you around 6 or 7?" "Sure, he said, "but Im on I need to keep my pager on during dinner." "No problem." I lied. 

I went through my bag from the trunk and was glad that I had left my clothes from the previous day folded in it. I had a casual pair of slacks and a knit top. It hugged my 38 DD breasts, and my slacks hugged the curve of my butt and hips nicely. I slipped my bare feet back into my heels and pulled my long hair up into a loose pony tail. My body was tight, but not too firm, from my days of working out every evening before going home, but I was beginning to show my 38 years. I never really missed the fact that I didnt get married or have children, but I hoped that David wasnt too young to appreciate our probable 10-year age difference and the fact that Id taken care of myself.

David went to the office and acquired my room number, and came and knocked on the door, bringing a single red rose. I smiled when he presented it as I opened the door and felt like a giddy teenager being escorted to her first high school dance. David again smiled as he lead me to his fathers truck and opened the door like a gentlemen. He had a cd playing smooth songs on, and every once in a while his radio would squelch with the sounds of a call that some other person was stuck on the freeway needing the assistance of a tow truck.