Coach and Athlete

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Coach and Athlete

I had been her coach for all four years of high school, but had always followed 2 simple rules; 18 and graduate. We became close, over the years I coached her all three seasons for all 4 years of her high school career. She became like a /daughter/">daughter to me and then one day she became so much more.
She had during the years, discussed sex with me often. We talked about the differant boys she had satisfied orally as well as the partners she had been with, I was often turned on by the discriptions that she would give me of how she enjoyed having her head grabbed and shoved up and down as she blew her many "friends". She also told me how she enjoyed being spanked and anything a little rough. She told me how she blew her eighth grade math /teacher/">teacher just for the heck of it. She already had an "A", but he was /cute/">cute and looked lonely she told me.
It was during the second summer after she had graduated that we finally got together. We had stayed friendly and talked once or twice a month and got together for dinner about every two or three monthes since she had graduated. We both had someone in our lives but both agreed that we enjoyed sex to much to be with just the same person for the rest of our lives. Thats how it began...
I think we always turned each other on, but did not want to ruin that relationship that we had. I was 32, 5'10, 180lbs, and had jet black hair. She was /adorable/">adorable. 19, 5'0, 105lbs, bleached blonde bob hair cut, A cups and an athletic ass to die for.
We met at my place ready to blowjob porn videos go out, however she began to tell me about an older man she had slept with the previous week and asked me where all the really big cocks were. I knew at 8in. I was no slouch, but I also knew about her past and the tale of the man who cut her families lawn with the arms length size penis who fucked her instead of being paid the previous summer. She often told me that he had been twice as big as any she had ever been with and if her mom hadn't found out and been extremely jealous that he would fuck the little one, but not mommy maybe he would not have been fired and his life threatened.
It was at this time that the bulge in my shorts began to grow extremely noticeable and she asked if I had a problem that she could help me with. I said I wish you could and she dove for my crotch. As she got my cock out it was already full grown and she stared in amazement because what it lacked in length it made up for in girth. She said she would suck it, but didn't think we should fuck, a little to much like incest she said. As she engulfed my cock her small mouth barely could get it in but as her tongue did gymnastics around, over, and under my cock it was the best suck job I ever had. I asked if she would mind if I grabbed her hair? And she told me to go to town that she could take what ever I could give her, I said we will see about that. It was at this time that I undressed her between slamming her face into my pubic patch, and got a few fingers into her dripping pussy. I told her that I needed to feel that /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole around my dick and she said we shouldn't, but shit we already do things we shouldn't so slam me. I knew she was on the pill so had no worries, so I told her to get ready to scream when she told me to take it easy at first. I said if you want it easy go play with yourself, I was there to pound pussy and she told me she could take it. With her knees behind her head I put the head in and shoved it all the way to the hilt with one push. We fucked steady and fast for a few minutes and then I told her to flip over to take her from behind, she naturaly obliged. As I fucked her like the puppy that she is she moaned and screamed that if she knew my cock was this fat and talented we would have been having fun since she ws 14. It was then that I told her she was a flithy bitch with a slutty little mouth and she needed to be spanked. As I stung her ass with my hand my cock continued to sting her cunt, but then I had an idea. I knew that she had let her current boyfriend put his /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-in-her-ass/">finger in her ass, but never anything before or else. My cock was so well lubed from her tight and tiny twat, by the way she is definately not a natural blonde, that I took it out of her pussy as my had came down on her ass extremely hard and held the head at the entrance to her other hole. As the sting from my slap subsided she noticed that something was missing from her cunt and felt the head at her other hole. She said NO and tried to break away but I held her hips firmly. I told her that I Loved her and that I knew she wanted to save her ass for her husband, but she had been /bad/">bad and plus I needed to feel that ass that I had watched compete for so long. Plus I told her, you said you could take anything. As I slid into her ass she screamed first with pain, but as I slid in little by little it turned to moans of joy, remember she is tiny. I wish I could tell you I lasted a long time, but it was only about 30sec. before I filled her ass with my cum. She cried as we came together and told me that she loved me also and that we would fuck for the rest of milf porn videos ou lives.