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Hi! My name is Suhail and I would like to tell you about my true story. It involves my co-worker and friend Farzana Kusar. But first a little back ground to my story. Farzana is a good looking girl. Definitely not one you would refuse admission to your bed. Farzana and I have known each other for several years. But only recently has she begun working in the office where I work. She has a friendly outgoing personality, always greeting everyone with a friendly "Hello!" and a beautiful smile. On several occasions we've had opportunity for friendly conversation which almost always includes comments which can be taken with a sexual connotation. Some times I think there may be a little interest on her part but I've not taken any steps to find out because it might be just innocent flirting. She generally is pretty conservative in her dress, but has a few outfits that reveal her physical assets specially her Shalwar and Kamiz our traditional dress in Pakistan and cause me to loose my concentration every time she walks by. Enough! Let's get on to my story.

It begins like this. This particular day Farzana was wearing her sexy Shalwar and Kamiz(realy thigh one) that catches my eye every time she passes by or enters my office. Several times through out the day I find myself thinking about what it would be like to bed her down and finding it hard to hide my hard on. We both end up working late. Amy typing, filing, and answering the phone. Trying to keep ahead of the paper work. Me working on many of the Marketing details that go into many of the projects that I am involved in. Everyone else has gone for the day so we are byourselves.

Farzana passes my office again on the way to do some more filing. I glance up and she smiles at me. The fabric of out fit enhances the cure of her bokep sma pecah perawan breasts and ass. I'd looked at that ass coming and going seeing the outline of her bikini panties many times today. I think that the absence of panty lines is sexier but what the hay an ass covered with lace panties is sexy too. Well I just can't take it any more. I get up from my desk and follow her into the other office. As I walk down the hall I have to adjust the angle of my cock in my pants because it was bent over in the middle and very uncomfortable. Amy is standing in front of one of the file cabinets putting files into the top drawer. As I enter the office. Farzana was bussy but she turns and smiles at me but continues to put files away. I was feeling very horny and I was in need of a hard kissing and fucking.I step up behind her slipping my arms around her. One around her waist and the other I slip up and cup her breast with my hand. 

Pressing my hard tool between the cheeks of her ass . The way my balls ached I didn't care any thing . I needed a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck and thought nothing ventured nothing gained. Man was I surprised!! she was very hot and smelling very feminine . At first touch she looked back and findind its me she was surprised .Immediately she pressed her ass even harder against my iron /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and moaned as I felt her nipple harden against the palm of my hand. With that old waman xxxgx encouragement I continued to lightly squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple. My other hand slid toward her cunt and thighs at the junction of her slender legs. When my hand reached her love mound I pressed my fingers into her fabric covered slit. There I received my second /surprise/">surprise. I felt the dampness of her arousal that had already soaked through and the warmth of her hot and moist pussy.Farzana softly moaned my name again as she alternated pressing her ass against my tool and cunt against my hand. My cock ached to have release so I turned her around and brought my lips to hers driving my tongue into her mouth. 

She immediately started sucking my tongue I continued to caress her breast and I pressed my love tool against her. Her nipples stood out against the cloth that covered her tits burning hard against the palm of my hand and the small damp spot between her legs grew larger. There we stood in that small office humping against each other like two animals in heat. I reached behind her, pulled down the zipper of her Kameez and unhooked her bra. As I pulled the material off her shoulders revealing those hard upturned nipples .Her nipples were dark pink ,thick and long enough.They were so hard and erect that they were boring through my palm.she said, "Suhail we shouldn't be doing this. as it is not the right place and time" I said, "Baby, I need you. My cock aches for you. Feel how hard it is." With that I felt her reach for my long hard shaft. I cupped Farzana's naked breasts and tweaked and liked her nipples as she squeezed the length of my cock through my pants. I almost came right then and there. My mind almost refuses to believe that Farzana with her long light brown hair, brown eyes and /model/">model's figure and I were together like this. I began to plant kisses on her neck and upper chest working my way to her pert breasts and hot nipples. All the while she is rubbing the length of my bursting cock. 

As my lips touched her nipple she moaned, "Oh, darling pleeeaasssee Suck iiittttttt." and I did just that. Sucking that hard hot bud between my lips I gently scraped it with my teeth.Farzana pressed me harder against her tit pushing more of it into my mouth.I started to tease her by leaving her nipples and turned my attention to nearest part of her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples,she again pleaded Plleeeaaasseee....Suhail suck and bite my nipples as I am feling very hot dont tease me pleeeeaaaasssseee...... I shifted my attention towards her long and thick nipples and sucked it in tonguing that hard button at the same time. Switching tits I gave the other one similar treatment and in my hast I bite on those hard nipples one by one. Farzana was no silent lover. All the time animalistic sounds came from deep in her throat. I licked her breasts and sucked her nipples for some time.she just got hotter and hotter. Then suddenly she started to press down on my head which I took as a cue to move a little lower. 

As I licked my way lower I peeled the Kaameez from her body. I reached her navel and pushed my tongue into that indentation. Giving her a hint of what was yet to come. As I licked her navel making fucking motions with my tongue I pushed the Shalwar to the floor revealing the panties which covered her love hole. Hooking my fingers into the waistband I stripped them from her. Here my dream Farzana was before me totally naked. I could now smell the odor of her arousal. It made my cock throb all the more. Never had my cock felt so hard or hurt so much from arousal. I continued my assault on her navel but my fingers explored the dark fur that covered her love mound.Farzana stepped out of the pile of clothes at her feet and opened her legs slightly to allow my fingers to move closer to her most secret place. She shuddered as my fingertips reached and slid across the outer lips of her /hot/hot-love/">hot love hole.