Speaking on Sales

From a motivating keynote address to a multi-session presentation, Bill Zipp brings personal passion and practical insight to your annual sales conference or special event.

Bill’s communication style is a dynamic mix of humorous stories, interactive exercises, and high quality content. He’s a popular speaker with proven experience motivating and mobilizing salespeople and sales leaders around the world.

Some of the presentations Bill has delivered are:

  • A day-long sales leadership seminar at Ignite, Concur Technology’s annual sales conference, entitled: Six Secrets to Successful Sales Management
  • The concluding keynote address at PRS’s annual sales conference, entitled: A Will to Win: The One Thing That Changes Everything
  • A multi-day senior sales leader workshop, entitled: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water: The Four Essential Elements of Effective Senior Leadership

Bill doesn’t have a canned speech or a one-size-fits-all curriculum, but tailors all his talks to the specific needs of your audience. Pricing for a presentation varies, based on time and travel. Please contact Bill below to explore what having him speak might look like.

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