Having been a CEO himself, Bill Zipp knows the value of a trusted advisor in bringing transformational change to an organization. His consulting style is a dynamic mix of coaching and mentoring, teaching and facilitating, all delivered from the heart of a seasoned business leader.

Bill’s consulting practice focuses on these three areas:

Executive Leadership Development

Here’s the honest truth: your firm will rise or fall on the quality of its leaders. Why? Quite simply because water can’t rise higher than its source. This makes executive leadership development one of the highest priorities you can pursue as a company.

Bill’s executive leadership consulting involves individual and small group coaching and facilitation focused on:

  • Building your authentic leadership brand and increasing credibility with your people
  • Discovering your unique mix of leadership strengths and how to leverage them for maximum impact
  • Understanding the unique challenges you face as a leader and how to keep them from becoming fatal flaws, undermining your effectiveness
  • Defining your work as a leader not by a list of duties and responsibilities but by a set of results for which you hold yourself and your team fully accountable

Executive Team Development

We all did this as kids: drop a big rock in a pool of water and watch the waves it created. Your executive team has the same impact in your business. It’s the big rock that gets dropped in the water of your organization, touching everything in its wake. Sometimes that effect is positive, energizing the entire company, and sometimes that effect is negative, undermining even the most brilliant strategy.

Bill’s executive team consulting involves individual and small group coaching and facilitation focused on:

  • Discovering the development level of your executive team and the strategies needed to move it forward.
  • Connecting with each member on your team and building trust in an authentic way, without doing silly games and stupid “trust fall” exercises
  • Learning how to embrace both advocacy and inquiry as a team and make better decisions as a result
  • Hardwiring excellence into the fabric of your firm by focusing on core strategic objectives and functional area accountabilities.

Take the first step in developing your executive team with Bill Zipp’s Executive Team Profile

Sales Leadership Development

“If I had $100 to spend on sales training,” a client of mine confided in me, “I would spend 90 of it on sales leadership development. That’s why we work with you.” Most companies do just the opposite and sales productivity languishes as a result. Effective sales leadership, quite simply, is the difference between a few good quarters and years of sustained success.

With his roots in sales as a former head of sales, Bill brings both the experience and the  resources you need to immediately impact top line revenue. His sales leadership consulting involves assessing, advising, coaching, and training focused on:

  • Profiling the talent level of your sales force and getting the right people in the right seats on the bus
  • Identifying critical activities in executing your sales process and teaching managers how to coach their salespeople to excel in those activities.
  • Transforming your sales meetings and sales one-on-one’s into powerful revenue building tools
  • Creating a predictive candidate profile and onboarding process so the salespeople you hire deliver exceptional results immediately (not in a year or two).

Take the first step in developing your sales leaders with Bill Zipp’s Sales Performance Profile

“I do one thing. I help executive leaders accelerate the growth of their business by building a high performance culture in their company.”

Bill Zipp